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"Mick Jagger", as "Ned Kelly", "Australian Film Icon", "English Film Icon", "actor", and "singer", in "The Rolling Stones",

Posted on March 10, 2020 at 2:00 AM

“Mick Jagger”, as “Ned Kelly”, “actor”, and “singer”,

with the “The Rolling Sones”,  “English film Icon”, “English Icon”,

“English Icons”, “Icon”, “Icons”, in the film “Ned Kelly”,

“Australian film Icon”, 1970. In this movie based on a true story,

“Ned Kelly”, played by “Mick Jagger”, has served a three-year prison

sentence for stealing horses and is released. However,

he cannot even begin to get his life in order before his mother

“Clarissa Kaye”, is arrested and falsely charged with murder.

This is the last straw for Ned, who goes on a crime spree with

his group, including Joe Byrne “Mark McManus”, and Ned's brother,

Dan “Allen Bickford”, However, eventually the law catches up to them,

forcing a fateful showdown. over 10 years work in collection. , acrylic on canvas, by "Fin Collins", "Fionnuala Collins",

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